Business - Career - Nutrition

Helping Young Women Prepare for Their Future the Right Way

Gain clarity and confidence by learning the fundamentals skills it takes to be successful both personally & professionally.

Our Coaching Programs Teach:

Career Development


Functional Nutrition

Helping Young Women Prepare for Their Future the Right Way

Gain clarity and confidence by learning the fundamentals skills it takes to be successful both personally & professionally.

Our Coaching Programs Teach:

Career Development


Functional Nutrition

Without a Clear Plan, You'll Waste Time & Money

Our American education system is broken. So many women leave high school or college without ever receiving a proper education around nutrition, economics, career growth, business and finances. 

That’s why Morning Tea Coaching aims to change the education paradigm. We’ve created custom programs that teach Gen Z and Millennial women how to be a successful adult by putting curiosity in the driver’s seat – not a text book. 

Let's skip the bullsh*t and get straight to the facts.
FACT: Over 77% of college grads do not end up in the industry they studied for.

Avoid making these costly mistakes by speaking with a coach today to get the guidance you’ve been looking for.

What Do We Teach?

Our coaching programs are for ambitious women needing guidance in:

Business & Career

+ Starting & Growing a Business

+ Career Growth Strategy

+ Changing Careers

+ Salary Negotiation

+ College & Trade School Prep

+ Mock Interviews

+ Performance Review Preparation

+ Management & Leadership Training

+ Goal Setting

Nutrition & Lifestyle

+ Functional Nutrition

+ Skin & Gut Health

+ Bloating & Inflammation

+ Eliminate Chronic Illness

+ Time Management & Productivity

+ Improving Sleep

+ Meditation & Focus 

Getting Started is Easy

1. Schedule Your Free Session

In this call we will explore what you’re looking for in a coach and which program would best fit your goals.

2. Pick A Program

Our coaches are ready to help you achieve your goals! Every program is personalized to fit your needs. 

3. Get Clarity

Learn how to grow professionally and never feel stressed about your future again. 

Each Program Will Include:

  • Personalized lessons that give you the skills and tools to grow personally & professionally
  • 50 minute 1:1 coaching in-person or online
  • Feedback and recommendations
  • Weekly updates
  • Accountability and guidance
  • A community of women to lean on for support

Programs We Offer

My friend, planning your future shouldn't be stressful.
Our programs give you the tools and knowledge to be successful.

Adulting Masterclass

12 Week Program

Young women’s roadmap to being an adult. We teach all the practical skills we should have learned in school – but didn’t.

Badass Business

24 Week Program

Learn how to become a Badass Entrepreneur and start making money doing what you love.

What Will Happen If You Choose to Wait?

You'll waste time and money on expensive products or services that don't work.

Feeling frustrated, you'll either give up or get more behind on achieving your goals.

Stop wasting time.
Book today to get clarity.

We’re here to help young women chase their version of success by giving them the tools to make it happen.

Meet Your Coach,
Gabrielle Lopez

Business & Career Coach
Creative Entrepreneur

I firmly believe that when you combine accountability with consistency – that’s how real change is made. 

Young women don’t have to go through their early years searching for meaning in the wrong places. The more awareness we bring to career planning, money management, and functional nutrition – the better the results. 

If you or your daughter need guidance in your personal or professional life, please don’t wait. Investing in self-growth is the best decision you can make. 

Stop wasting time, money and energy and speak with me today! The discovery call is free, so you have nothing to lose. 


Therapy (also known as psychotherapy, counseling, or “talk therapy”) is similar to coaching in some ways. Both use evidence-based techniques and intentional dialogue as the primary tools for growth and discovery, but there are also key differences between these services: Coaching focuses primarily on the present and future, while therapy focuses on the past, present, and future. Coaching is focused on personal growth and professional development, while therapy is designed to help you work through deeper issues such as anxiety, depression, or trauma.

When you feel like you are functioning well overall and want to set goals to help you develop a greater sense of drive, improve your ability to bounce back from setbacks, feel more satisfied with your life, or improve your relationships – coaching may be a great fit for you.

Currently, Morning Tea Coaching is not covered by HSA/FSA. However, it may be covered through an employer benefits program such as tuition reimbursement or education stipend.

When you try Morning Tea Coaching, you receive 1 free (50 minute) coaching session with a Morning Tea Coach and full access to learning content and goal-setting resources. If you are interested in one of the programs we offer, we’ll discuss all your options and how to begin. Easy peasy.

We offer different programs in areas such as Business, Career, Nutrition, and Lifestyle – depending on what your needs or goals are. Each program is its own price determined by coach and total number of sessions. 

When scheduling your Free Coaching Session, we do not require a credit card – however – we still require at least 24 hours notice if you’re unable to attend. *If you cancel more than twice, you will be charged $85 for one coaching session (it’s no longer free). Sorry!

If you’re a member, a no-call or n0-show during your program will count as a class and it will not refundable/transferable from your program. 

To cancel: email us at [email protected] with this in the subject line: [Your Name] Cancellation for [Date & Time of session] with [Name of Coach]

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