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Most business owners are living with constant stress and overwhelm. That’s not sustainable. Our business coach, Gabby Lopez, helps you work smarter and faster so your business becomes your vehicle for freedom – not a burden.

Getting Started is Easy

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Fill out a short application and we’ll send you the link to schedule a free call. 

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Every coaching program is personalized to fit your needs. No matter where you are in your journey, Gabby can help you get to the next step.

3. Grow Your Revenue & Free Time

Learn how to grow professionally and never feel stressed about your future again. 

Entrepreneurs aren’t always good operators.
That’s why you need a business coach.

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers and visionaries. But once your business is up and running, you need to streamline your operation as soon as possible so you can get back to what you do best: being a visionary. Our coaching will help you do that.

I'm Gabby, Morning Tea's Founder and CEO. I started MTC because of my passion for helping individuals and organizations unlock their full potential.

A large component of my work is teaching the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) which is a set of simple, proven and practical tools that will optimize your small business for revenue and profit.

It brings me joy to share industry tips and resources that show business owners how to save time, money, and energy by having a clear plan and avoiding unnecessary start-up costs. Feel confident growing your business by working with a coach and getting the support you’ve been looking for.

Consulting Expertise Includes:

  • Entrepreneurial Operating System 
  • Business Strategy + Development
  • Website Design + Copywriting
  • StoryBrand + Marketing
  • Open Book Management
  • Bonus + Incentive Programs
  • Leadership + Professional Growth

You don't have to go through life burned out and stretched thin.

Save time, money & energy by learning the 6-Step Growth Plan

Whether you need coaching for all 6 of these steps or just a few, Gabby can help. 

LEADERSHIP: Identify and prioritize 3 initiatives that will make your business more money.

SALES: Create a Sales conversation that will help you and your team confidently close more deals without being salesy.

OPERATIONS: Install a management and productivity system that will keep your operation costs low and your productivity levels high.

MARKETING: Create a marketing funnel to generate consistent business and predictable cash flow.

PRODUCTS: Perform profitability audits and install product briefs to ensure your product offering is highly lucrative.

CASH FLOW: Learn to use 5 checking accounts so you can manage your finances with zero confusion or stress.


– Our Services

You’re not alone. Morning Tea Coaching’s frameworks are designed to help you grow your business and increase performance. 

Business Coaching

Our Badass Business Coaching delivers actionable frameworks to strengthen your business foundation.

Career Development

Find your guiding force and design your career blueprint.


Therapy (also known as psychotherapy, counseling, or “talk therapy”) is similar to coaching in some ways. Both use evidence-based techniques and intentional dialogue as the primary tools for growth and discovery, but there are also key differences between these services: Coaching focuses primarily on the present and future, while therapy focuses on the past, present, and future. Coaching is focused on personal growth and professional development, while therapy is designed to help you work through deeper issues such as anxiety, depression, or trauma.

When you feel like you are functioning well overall and want to set goals to help you develop a greater sense of drive, improve your ability to bounce back from setbacks, feel more satisfied with your life, or improve your relationships – coaching may be a great fit for you.

Currently, Morning Tea Coaching is not covered by HSA/FSA. However, it may be covered through an employer benefits program such as tuition reimbursement or education stipend.

When you try Morning Tea Coaching, you receive 1 free (50 minute) coaching session with a Morning Tea Coach and full access to learning content and goal-setting resources. If you are interested in one of the programs we offer, we’ll discuss all your options and how to begin. Easy peasy.

We offer different programs in areas such as Business, Career, Nutrition, and Lifestyle – depending on what your needs or goals are. Each program is its own price determined by coach and total number of sessions. 

When scheduling your Free Coaching Session, we do not require a credit card – however – we still require at least 24 hours notice if you’re unable to attend. *If you cancel more than twice, you will be charged $85 for one coaching session (it’s no longer free). Sorry!

If you’re a member, a no-call or n0-show during your program will count as a class and it will not refundable/transferable from your program. 

To cancel: email us at [email protected] with this in the subject line: [Your Name] Cancellation for [Date & Time of session] with [Name of Coach]

Our Mission
We believe that women who know their purpose + pursue their passion can change the world for the better.



Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS® ) 


Hi, I’m Gabby, Morning Tea’s Business & Career Coach. I’m on a mission to help women leave their soul-sucking jobs and corporate cubicles to pursue a career driven by passion and purpose.

OFFICE LOCATION: Loveland, Colorado
By appointment only.