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Your Cheat Sheet to Asking for a Raise

At Morning Tea Coaching, we want you to have more power in your professional life. 

To make that happen, here’s a script that you can follow and present to your upper management when it comes time for a review or promotion. 

Practice makes perfect. After you’ve written out your answers, practice saying it out load until it sounds natural and not rushed. You want to make it clear to them that they would be fools to turn down your offer or pass you for another candidate – not on our watch!

The Script:

1. Give background info

As you probably know, I’ll have been here for [time you’ve been on job], and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I see myself growing within our company and our team.

2. Introduce why you’re amazing

As the [your position] here, I’ve taken on additional responsibilities as our team has evolved. [Here you can remind them why. Did you cover for people who left the company? Did you start mentoring junior staffers? Focus on how you’re positively contributing to the team]. I’d like my salary to reflect that growth.

3. Make your case research-based

As I’ve taken on those additional responsibilities, I’ve also contributed to our company in several ways. For example, [insert results-driven data about your accomplishments here]. I’ve also received positive feedback regarding my work on [name a project someone complimented you on].

4. Make the ask

I’ve also done some research on salaries in this industry and my role, and based on people in positions with similar skill sets and responsibilities, I’ve found that an annual salary of [a number that’s a little higher than what you need to leave room for negotiation] is very competitive in today’s open market. This is the amount I’m asking for today.

5. End with a Bang!

Since joining [company name], I’ve dedicated my time to expanding my skills and helping our team grow. I’d like to continue to put time and effort into our success here long-term. With an increase in compensation, I feel as though I can continue to contribute to our efforts here and bring even more to the table. I’m looking forward to taking on even more responsibilities in my position over the next year, and I feel confident I can tackle those if you’re willing to further invest in me and what I have to offer.

You’ve got this! 

When approaching your manager for an increase in pay, it’s vital you showcase your value as a professional on the open market. Hopefully you have a manager or boss that is willing to have a discussion and ultimately want to engage in negotiation.

If you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall or you’re hearing insincere responses to your ‘asks’ are signs of poor leadership. This has no reflection on your performance – this may be a sign to change your place of employment (but we can talk more about that another time).

Need more help preparing for a raise or promotion?

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– Gabby Lopez
Business & Career Coach


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